Carla Carnes

Pet Services



Hello, Pet Care Clients -

In what has been an extremely difficult decision for me, I have decided to end my pet care business. I am basically retiring (more on that in a bit) and will be moving to my old home town in upstate New York. I am at an age where I want to be around the friends and relatives who live in that area so we can be together for awhile before we start to leave one by one. I don't have anyone here in Massachusetts and it's been tough to have to handle all of life's hurdles by myself. It will be nice to have some possible support systems if anything catastrophic should happen to me or to any of them.

It's killing me to do this, though. I absolutely adore all of the animals for whom I currently care (and all of the pets from the past) so....this is actually more of a semi-retirement. I will be returning to MA on occasion, usually once every month or every two months, to take care of some pets in the form of sitting jobs. Some of my clients who make use of that particular service that I offer have requested that I visit MA on occasion and stay at their homes where I will be able to take care of pets while they need to leave for awhile. If anyone is interested in taking advantage of my future forays into MA, let me know. I would be happy to provide the dates that I will be back here. If you want to go away for a few days, we can tack on some dates either before or after the already scheduled visits. Or if you would like an evening out or would like a day trip somewhere, I could always take a couple of hours to make sure your dog(s) gets an outdoor break/walk. I'd love to see all of them again. Give your new dogwalker the day off and I'll stop in for a walk and some cuddles.

In regards to walks, I would like to end the walks somewhere around the middle of December. I have made plans to leave by the end of the year which would be December, of course. However, I am finally going to celebrate the holidays with some of my own friends and family, something I haven't done very often in the 20 years that I have been a pet care provider, so I would like to leave somewhere around December 15 for that reason. If you are able to find new pet care before then, please know that I would be happy to talk to the new person if they would like any first hand information from me as to how your pet and I proceeded with our walking activities. Granted, they will have their own style and methods, but they might like to get a glimpse of what they can expect. For those of you who might take a bit longer making a decision on a new caregiver, I'll be around for awhile to take all of my canine clients on their scheduled walks.

Starting now, there will be no more sitting jobs and no more extra work such as extra walks or evening jobs - unless previously scheduled. I need as much time as possible to get this moving job done. I'm working on it by myself and there is a lot to do so I need my evenings and weekends to do it. Once my day jobs are done, I have another job that starts later in the day and that's to get myself and my belongings to New York.

I want all of you to know that I am so grateful for all of the business that you have given me. The largest part of my life concerns animals and everything about them - animal care, animal advocacy, animal everything. You helped make this connection I have with animals come to fulfillment by entrusting me with your much adored four-legged family members (well, a few had fins and lived in water and a few had wings and feathers). I loved all of them and will remember them forever.

Obviously, some of you might have questions about everything you just read and I will be glad to answer them and help out with any transitions that need to be made.

To all of you, thank you so much for everything and, since NY isn't exactly the other side of the planet, I'll be seeing many of you again.

With much affection,

Carla Carnes, November 15, 2023